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Our Vision

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As Muslims living in modern society, we must engage with a diverse range of ideas and belief systems. The Deen Institute has been established to provide students with the necessary tools of understanding and dialogue.

Our aim is to navigate this challenging situation in light of the Islamic tradition; through our commitment to knowledge and learning. Taught in a comfortable and welcoming environment, our structured courses cover a range of subjects and levels.

The Deen Institute welcomes all who are curious and eager to learn, regardless of faith or background.

With this in mind, the Institute's primary objectives as represented by each pillar are as follows:

pillar5To help the wider public understand the Islamic tradition in light of contemporary ideas and beliefs.
pillar5To raise awareness about the sound use of critical thinking and intellectual thought throughout Islamic heritage, and to share this wisdom with modern day thinkers and intellectuals.


To supply the UK with a platform where common issues and questions can be openly examined from various viewpoints, with mutual respect and civility.
pillar5To release research publications focused on the Islamic perspective on common issues pertaining to topics such as ethics, philosophy, history and science.
pillar5To promote critical thinking and rational thought with philosophical cogency and to revive intellectual rigour within the Muslim community.



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